Tooth decay experiment

After a week, we looked at the eggshells in the liquids. we discovered that the eggshell in the cola had stained black and had cracks. The eggshell in the milk had gone soft but worst of all, the eggshell in orange juice had somewhat disintegrated with calcified bits on it like plaque.

Mummified tomatoes

We finally looked at our tomatoes that we mummified on the first day of our Egyptian topic. The tomato that had been left was disintegrated and mouldy. It had lost a lot of its shape and was notably rotten. The tomatoes that were put in natron had mostly kept their shape, there was no mould and they had been preserved.

Mummified tomatoes
Mummified tomatoes

Tooth Decay

We are doing an experiment to find out which liquid does the most damage to our teeth. We had to plan a fair test where only one thing changed – the liquid. We put eggshells in to the same amount of cola, milk, orange juice, squash and water. We now have to wait for a week to see what effect the liquids will have.

Types of teeth

We have been learning about teeth and we made the different types of teeth out of clay. We made the flat incisors that cut and slice, pointy canines that rip and tear and molars that are covered in bumps in order to crush and grind food.

Welcome back!

What an incredible start to a new year group and a new term. We are so pleased to be back with the children again and we are so pleased that they have come back with such enthusiasm.

We have started our Egyptian topic for this term and had an absolute blast! We created our own nemes (an Egyptian headdress), mummified a tomato before dissecting ancient Egyptian poo to discover what they would have eaten!

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